Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hydrolastic Suspension Pump


This week I made a device that was able to push the hydrolastic fluid (50/50 antifreeze and water) into the system at 300 PSI.  What I did was I took a 1 ½ inch pipe I had kicking around then added a few fittings and filled it ¾ full of antifreeze.  Next I hooked up my CO2 tank from my MIG welder and cracked the valve.  A liquid CO2 tank has a pressure of around 800 PSI so I only opened it a bit at a time while filling the hydro system on the car.  Now that it isn’t sitting on the bump stops any more, I can actually turn left and right without hitting the fenders.
I drove the car a bit down my local street and got the temperature up and didn’t have any leaks.  My temp gauge wasn’t working however and I figured out the sending unit isn’t grounded.  I made a tube with a bung to hold the sender but it’s clamped to two rubber hoses.  I’ll attach a grounding wire and try that again.  Once I have a working temp gauge I’ll be able to get the engine up to full temp and verify the fan kicks on.  Then it’s time for a real trip, keeping local of course.  The engine runs strong and smooth without any sign of smoke or problems.  This next month will be fun!

Here you can see the driver's side is pumped up, right side to follow.

Here is the device, a simple piece of pipe.

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