Friday, September 18, 2015



Click here for a 3 minute video of the entire build.
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The VTEC Mini has been leaving it’s mark in the world.
This summer has been one of the best on record for the Seattle area.  Tons of sun and several records set for warm dry days.  Although, I will admit some days were a bit to warm to jump in the Monster Mini.  With the big engine STUFFED under the hood, there is quite a bit of heat produced and it all seems to find it’s way in the cab.  I have sealed up and insulated about as good as I can so I’ll just need to live with it.  I took a friend from work for a ride and hit a few on-ramps and back roads, loving this car.
The photo is from leaving a friends’ house and giving them a show.  That was a second gear clutch dump and the way the road is surfaced, things lit up nice.
The car has been running great all summer other than a broken bracket in Canada and then… I jump in it the other morning, fire it up and back out the garage.  I plant the break and the peddle went to the floor.  New adventure!  I’ll be diagnosing the problem hopefully this weekend.

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